Children's Curriculum

From Grand Central Station to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, take your class on a Landmark tour of New York City

New York City's landmarks have been memorialized through the written word for decades; our historic streetscapes and buildings have inspired generations of artists, writers, and other creative young people.

NYC Landmarks50 Alliance is committed to informing and nurturing the next generation of preservationists. Here, for your use, are two lessons, developed by Poets House, in conjunction with Community-Word Project. They include writing exercises to help teachers and school children think through their ideas of historical and personal landmarks.

Also included are two poetry lists that have been carefully curated: poems about New York City, and poems about specific landmarks in New York City. A tip sheet on "fair use" is also part of this package.

We hope these materials will help teachers, parents, other educators (and students) as they look for ways to inform and excite young writers about the built environment that surrounds them.

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The Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park. Photo: Raymond Bucko, SJ. CC-BY-SA
Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel, with Belle Epoque Glass Ceiling.
Photo: Christoph Anton Mitterer. CC-BY-SA
The Chrysler Building. Photo: Jonathan71. CC-BY-SA