The NYC Landmarks50 Alliance is comprised of individuals and organizations committed to informing and educating the public about historic preservation in New York City. On April 19, 1965, Mayor Robert Wagner signed New York City’s Landmarks Law, and the new era of historic preservation began.

The NYC Landmarks50 Alliance has been formed to create an appropriate commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the New York City's Landmarks Law in 2015, and to ensure that the preservation community, as well as the wider New York City public, reflect upon and embrace the significance of the role of historic preservation in shaping the City. The goal of this project is to broaden the appreciation of, and commitment to New York City's admired architecture, and to develop a new audience and a new generation of future preservationists, who will take responsibility for protecting the continuity of the New York Cityscape.

The NYC Landmarks50 Alliance believes, as one activist said, that “preservation provides a reassuring chain of continuity between past and present.” While preservationists comprehend the importance and the value of the law, the goal of the Alliance is to utilize the 50th Anniversary commemoration to stimulate the understanding of the wider public as to how the Landmarks Law helps to preserve and enhance the quality of life for New Yorkers, and visitors alike; and to further the recognition of the general public that the preservation movement is, at its heart, a grassroots cause whose proponents represent the vast diversity that is New York City.

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NYC Landmarks50 Alliance

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